Saturday, 22 August 2020


 It was suggested to me that I did a painting of the iconic Brentor Church together with the Three Hares image, and although this church does not actually have this carving I thought it a nice idea. The church of St Michael de Rupe is 12th century and sits on top of the Tor with wonderful views all around and can also be seen from most of the higher points on Dartmoor. It is a magical place to visit! This painting is now framed in a beautiful blue and gold frame which compliments it perfectly. I have just added it it to a new section in on my website in the "Mythical Paintings" section, or if you would like to see the painting for real, do pop along to my Three Hares Gallery in Chagford on Dartmoor.

Tuesday, 23 June 2020


It has been a tough few months with such a change to our lives through this very frightening time of Covid19. This is one of the paintings I have been working on during this time and it is now finished, framed and hanging in my Three Hares Gallery in Chagford on Dartmoor. I am hoping we should be open again properly in July and ready to welcome back plenty of visitors. If you would like to see more of my paintings before then, please look at my website    thank you, Eleanor.

Sunday, 15 December 2019


This is my latest Three Hares painting, it is an oil on board. I thought I would try something different from the usual running three hares and have placed these sitting guarding the world. The poem I have written around them reads

One ear or two
Two ears or three
Look very carefully
And what do you see?
Eternity or divinity
Love or infinity
Rebirth and mystery
Or the Holy Trinity
Something or nothing
Nothing or something
Forever or never
But oh so clever!

Friday, 1 November 2019


Triggered by my obsession with the Three Hares I have painted this new oil of Swifts and written a short poem that goes with it, inspired by their amazing ability to fly so far and remain in the air for most of their lives, often only landing to nest. The original can be seen in my Three Hares Gallery in Chagford, plus I also have prints & cards of this painting.

Thursday, 5 September 2019


I now have some lovely new greetings cards of my Three Hares of Chagford painting complete with the poem which is also written on the back, you can get these from my Three Hares Gallery in Chagford or through my website

          Once Tinners Rabbits
          Now Hares of Granite
        Their meaning a mystery
            Obscured in history

         Some carved in wood
           Some made of clay
            Some easy to find
           Some hidden away

  The Three Hares of Chagford
        Are there to be found
         Ears joined together
          Round and around

Saturday, 3 August 2019



This is one of the illustrations & poems in my new THREE HARES book, this poem is called THE HARE
                         Throughout time your features
                          Have been carved and painted
                            Worshipped and protected
                               Adorned and adored
                              Steeped in mythology
                            Beguiling magical Lepus
                         Symbol of rebirth and eternity
                         Yet not blessed with longevity
                               But loved by so many
                              In images immortalised
                             In imagination idealised
                              A touchstone, a healer
                               An enigma, a stealer
                                    Of our hearts
You can see the book in my Three Hares Gallery in Chagford or on my website

Thursday, 25 April 2019


I have a lovely new book which a collection of 43 of my illustrated poems. I shall be putting on an exhibition in my Three Hares Gallery in Chagford which will show most of the paintings from the book together with the poems. The exhibition starts on the 12th of May and will continue for the summer. Do pop along and have a look or visit my website